The success story of VITAMIX juicing is through our partnership with Total petrol and service station in parklands, limuru road, Nairobi. Innovatively intended to offer a unique service to existing customers who frequent the bonjour convenience store and the fore- court to refuel or ideally those waiting by the greens while their cars are being serviced or valeted, VITAMIX juice has captured the attention of many motorists. Nonetheless KESDA is proud to say that this noble idea has turned out to be a business opportunity in waiting fully exploiting a rare opportunity for the benefit of the unemployed youths and in doing so, an emerging trend has developed with an obsession of our VITAMIX healthy juices.

Indeed what started as a concept has now developed into a business and entrepreneurship opportunity for the youth with a client base being the existing Total's loyal motorists who patronage the station for fuel instinctively persuaded to choose and purchase from a wide variety of our readily quickly available healthy juices.

Advantageously both businesses have found a common ground to complement each other's products and services and to top it up the motorists get to be served the fresh juices in the comfort of their cars which is a new rare unique service in town.


According to world health organisation on global strategy on diet and physical activity, a WHO fruit and vegetable promotion initiative/ a meeting report /25-27/08/03 held in Geneva in 2003, indicated that up to 2.7 millions lives could be saved annually with sufficient fruit and vegetable consumption, adversely insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables was estimated to cause around 14% of gastrointestinal cancer deaths, about 11% of ischaemic heart disease deaths and about 9% of stroke deaths globally which places Vitamix juice project at the heart of promoting the” 5-aday” fruit and vegetable initiative, a nutrition health program which started in the US and UK which will be the driving force to market VITAMIX Juicing Nationwide.

1. To economically empower the youths through the proven VITAMIX juicing business model.
2. To offer the youth tangible practical entrepreneurial as well as leaderships skills.
2. To harness the PPP potential for socio-economic development.
3. To provide forum through which youths from all the 47 counties in Kenya will be trained to train and empower others within their counties.
4. To replicate the VITAMIX juicing juice business model for socio economic independence among the unemployed youth.
5. To restore hope amongst the destitute youths to participate in nation building.
To transform unemployed youth into young future entrepreneurs, businessmen and women To support the youth into becoming self employed. To empower the youth from being job seekers to job creators
Benefits and expected outcomes

1. Empowering youths into being self-reliant through self-employment and creation of employment for others.
2. Promotion of entrepreneurship among the youth.
3. Energizing youths to meaningfully contribute to socio-economic development activities in the community.
4. Creation of a pool of capacity building teams to sphere- head the VITAMIX juicing business model across the nation
5. The team leaders will serve as models for others to emulate.
6. The youth shall be inclusively be contributing towards attainment of millennium Development Goals and the Kenyan vision 2030.


Start up a juicing business with one of our machines below to create:
hot soups
frozen desert &
with a single machine




Hire this '4x8m' Party-tent for Kshs.8,000 per day

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